The Awards

The qualifying period for all awards is 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019.

Best Investor Communication Award

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RMS Partners

Success in communicating effectively with both professional and private investors, and to current and potential shareholders, is the main criterion behind this award. The winner of this award will recognise that communication works best when it is two-way. The winner will use a variety of communication tools to its maximum advantage including the annual report; the investor relations website; attendance at specialised investor forums, roadshows
and conferences; analyst and shareholder site visits; etc. The Voting Panel
will also look for innovation in presentation and tools on the company’s
IR website and ease of use, and a clear social media strategy.

Best Performing Share Award

This is a factual award based solely on share price performance over
the period under review.

Fund Manager of the Year Award

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This is a factual award based on published data over the period under review.

Sustainability Award

This award recognises that sustainability today is about embedding environmental, social wellbeing and diversity in the DNA and strategy of
an organisation. The Voting Panel will look for leadership, innovation, and commitment to take responsibility for the impact the company has on the environment, social wellbeing and diverse communities. The winner must demonstrate that it considers sustainability beyond its own short-term commercial interests and wants to contribute to a sustainable future for its stakeholders, by taking into consideration its day-to-day practices, application of technology, approach to financing and employee retention and recruitment strategy. The company will also have shown a commitment to diversity across its governance structures and workforce; going beyond statutory requirements, and embedding inclusion in its corporate culture. Together, these factors help ensure the resilience and success of the company. 

Innovation in Technology Award

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Zeus Capital

The winner of this award does not have to be a pure tech company,
but it will have used innovative technology in delivering its products or services, with “innovative” being the key word. This award considers the application of (possibly already existing) technology and how the company is using it to change its operational processes, introduce new product or service offerings, or improve existing ones, to enhance the company’s success. 

Transformation of the Year Award

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Design Portfolio

This award recognises companies that have transformed themselves during the period under review in a way likely to save or substantially improve the business and offer the prospect of long-term value, while considering the impact on its various stakeholders. The transformation could have been achieved in any number of ways, such as restructuring or business reorganisation, integration following a merger or acquisition, innovative financing/refinancing, or the launch of a major new product line or business division. The Voting Panel will be looking for companies whose prospects have been transformed, with the accent on increased profitability and sustainable financial results. 

CEO of the Year Award

The winner of this award will have a clear vision for the company and will have demonstrated strong and successful leadership of the business. Furthermore, the senior management team will have ensured that the company’s strategy
is successfully enacted and has been bought into by all employees. 

Consideration will also be taken of succession planning which the CEO
has put in place for key roles within the business, including his or her own, always with the long-term success of the company at its core. 

New Company of the Year Award

In short, a future company of the year, but one that has too short a track
record as a public company to be considered for that award. The winner will
have gone public in 2019, yet will already have demonstrated to the wider investment community that it possesses exceptional growth and management qualities and that it is a formidable growth company in the making, with the accent on long-term growth and development. 

Company of the Year Award

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The winner of this award will be a company that has clearly demonstrated
that success is not just a short-term phenomenon. The winning company
will undoubtedly be successful in share price terms, but with full realisation
that share price is but one method of measurement. Improved, sustainable profitability will be taken into consideration. The winner will be a professionally managed, conservatively run growth business with a long-term vision and commitment to sustainability. The company’s development to date will have been soundly financed in a way which supports the longevity and resilience of the business, including effective succession planning.